Day 1 - Monday

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This blog post is more than two years old. It is preserved here in the hope that it is useful to someone, but please be aware that links may be broken and that opinions expressed here may not reflect my current views. If this is a technical article, it may no longer reflect current best practice.

On a Monday, I do not have any timetabled classes until 1pm. Typically though, I will get in earlier than this to deal with any emails or small jobs that may have appeared over the weekend. Before my first lecture, at around 11:30am, I go to Subway for lunch. There is a group of us that go for this and the reason we aim for half past is because at 12pm, everyone that has left a lecture and is looking for lunch will join the queue at Subway meaning a massive wait.

The first lecture of the day, at 1pm, is for Enterprise Computing. In this lecture we looked at Agile development, a software engineering methodology. Essentially, Agile development aims to incorporate the client into the whole process to allow everything to be tweaked as it is created to the clients needs.

Directly after this first lecture, I had another lecture, this time for Languages and Computability. The remaining lectures on this course, from this lecture, would all be on Computability and Complexity. These are heavy theory topics and require a lot of thinking, the way a Computing Science course should be. Without a pen and paper I would be lost in these lectures.

There is then an hour break, where I went to Room 205 in Meston building to chat with some other level 3 and level 4 students. This is another opportunity to check my emails and carry out any small tasks that may need to be completed that have arisen whilst in lectures, but today, there were none and I could use the hour to relax.

The final lecture of the day was Enterprise Computing again, although this time covering large scale architectures. This essentially meant being able to understand the problems that are encountered when systems expand and how to plan for such expansion.

Once the lectures were all over, I went home. As there were no assessments that urgently needed working on, I cooked myself some dinner and then proceeded to watch Stargate SG-1 on my television until it was time to go to sleep. The story of Stargate SG-1 follows the flagship team of a secret military programme that uses ancient alien devices, known as Stargates, to achieve near-instantaneous interstellar travel. Generally I will watch a season of a show at a time, not alternate between episodes of different series, and for the most part it is science fiction that I’ll be watching.

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