Plans for SpaceBarOS

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I am planning to branch SpaceBarOS to form SpaceBarPlus. Whilst all the core functionality will be retained, there will be changes. The biggest of these changes will be that the space bar monitoring will be performed by an application that will be loaded by the kernel. A full API will be documented and others can choose to use the SpaceBarPlus platform in order to develop their applications.

New features in the kernel will include:

  • A file system driver (SpaceBarFS)
  • A very basic windowing system
  • A memory manager
  • API for use by applications
  • A new terminal driver, allowing use of a serial console as well as the screen and keyboard

This, for me, is primarily a learning experience. To be honest, I have no idea why anyone would want to monitor their space bar with a counter like this, but I can think of several applications where a system that merely counts pulses could be very useful. With these added features, the system should become quite useful.

I will be starting to get to the real work on this over the Christmas holidays (where I don’t have all my time being taken up by the University), so if you have any feedback or suggestions on this you could give, feel free to leave a comment.

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