Installing Windows XP on the Fujitsu Amilo Li3710

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My Amilo originally came with Windows Vista installed, which in my opinion was a terrible operating system, and Windows 7 is no better. I want to use applications, not the OS, and Microsoft increasingly does not understand this concept. I was happy with Ubuntu as the sole OS running on the machine for a time, but later found that I did actually need to run some Windows specific applications that did not run well in Wine (i.e. Steam).

Windows XP is the best (in my opinion) Microsoft OS released to date, and so I’ve chosen to go with it. I installed from a Windows XP SP3 Retail CD-ROM and had no problems with the install process itself, but after the first boot I came to realise that there were no drivers around for:

  • the wired LAN,
  • the wireless LAN,
  • the video card,
  • the audio card or
  • the onboard chipset.

After visiting the Fujitsu website, I found that they did not officially support Windows XP on the machine, and they only provided one driver. This driver was for the wireless LAN. I tried it, and it didn’t work.

I’ve found a collection of drivers that do work for everything, and you can download the package as a ZIP file from here:

Remember, as the WLAN and LAN drivers both do not work, you’ll have to download them on another machine and use a USB stick or a CD-R to transfer them.

Once you’ve set the drivers up, you may want to install IPv6, which is one of the first things I will generally consider when it comes to installing a new operating system. In Windows XP (above SP1), you can do this by typing the following two commands into the command line:

netsh interface ipv6 install
netsh interface ipv6 set teredo client

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