Leaving the bubble

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Christmas and the New Year are now behind us, and for many a welcome break from reality. For me, it’s quite the opposite. I leave the nice friendly bubble that the University life creates and re-enter the real world. At University, I am funded by both my student loan and occasional work for the University. Money troubles rarely occur and thus I can spend my time learning by either reading fascinating articles (or slightly less fascinating lecture slides) and implementing really cool things like those I have created in Room 205. It is odd, and exciting, to think that one day I will be plunged into this “real” world where a lot of my friends from college already are.

I am glad to have now returned to my bubble. Enjoy this picture of some chocolates; my mum thought the penguin in the middle looked a bit like Tux.

Christmas Chocolate Penguin

Christmas Chocolate Penguin

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