Ludum Dare 24: Update 2

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I seem to be the only one still going in Room 205 at the moment. Everyone else has gone home for some sleep before continuing. I may have made an error in marching on, but only time will tell. There’s now about 18 hours to go and I have a playable game.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts during this Ludum Dare “compo”, my game is written in pure C using ncurses. You play the role of a pizza chef that has to make pizzas. I intended to have a steep learning curve to the game and I believe I have achieved that. This forces the player to evolve, a twist on the theme where I imaging most games will have either the character in the game or game elements doing the evolving.

When I dropped into the IRC channel, the question was raised of how I would make this available to Windows users once submitted. All the development has been done on a Linux workstation, but I’m sure Windows libraries exist for ncurses and I know for a fact that gcc exists there. Still, as a bit of an experiment, I tried out compiling and running it in JS/Linux and it worked.

Over the next hour, I’ll be writing up some quick READMEs and getting my code into github. I already feel like I’ve achieved something I would normally not have done and when I got it working in JS/Linux I had to go for a walk to calm down due to being so excited.

This is what Ludum Dare is all about.

Here are some screenshots for now:

My game running in a Linuxterminal

My game running in JS/Linux

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