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Today I’m travelling home from 32c3, back to Aberdeen via London from Hamburg Airport. My experience passing through security to get to the gates this morning has angered me to the point that I had to vent.

They have full-body scanners installed, which in my opinion are a massive invasion of my personal privacy. As I approached the security checkpoint, I noticed a sign where it stated that use of the scanner was not mandatory and that a manual screening process was available.

Once I’d loaded my bags into the trays, I asked the security officer how to opt for the manual screening at which point I was told it was not available due to a lack of staff.

I was forced to allow for an intimate scan to take place or miss my flight. I’m not really in a position to be making alternative arrangements for travel and so I had to submit but it has left me outraged.

Privacy is about the ability to choose what I share and who I share it with. This was meant to be a right protected by the ECHR, but I guess human rights are outdated now we’re entering 2016.

Bring on the dystopian future!

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