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FOSDEM 2016 starts tomorrow and I will be attending. I’ve not got off to a brilliant start with my flight being cancelled, though SAS have now rebooked me onto a later flight and I’m going to arrive in time for the start tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I am going to miss the Friday beer event.

On the Saturday, the real-time communications devroom will be happening, and I am one of the devroom admins that helped to organise this. There will be a full day of talks and demonstrations about real-time communications using open standards and free software. I’m rather excited about this.

On the Sunday, I’ll be giving a talk and quick demonstration in the distributions devroom about real-time communications in free software communities and why it is useful for your community.

If you’re considering setting up some real-time communications infrastructure for your community but you’re not going to be along to FOSDEM, there is a great guide for getting started at

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