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I’m currently in Vienna for MiniDebCamp and MiniDebConf at FH Technikum Wien, hosted as a part of Linuxwochen Wien. Today and yesterday have been spent hacking on Debian, and I’ve produced a few package updates and closed a few bugs.


The last update to Scapy in Debian was in August 2011. Bug # 773554 was filed in 2014 to request a new upstream version be packaged and in a few days this bug should be closed. As this package is maintained by someone else and I’m performing a non-maintainer upload, the upload will sit in the delayed queue for 3 days.

There has also been a Python 3 port of Scapy developed, and I’ve also packaged this (bug # 822096). You will be able to install this version as python3-scapy and run it as /usr/bin/scapy3, which means it can fully co-exist with an installation of the original Python 2 version on the same system.

Hamradio Blend

  • Carles Fernandez had produced an updated package for gnss-sdr and this has now been uploaded to unstable.
  • Ana Custura produced an updated package for chirp and this has now been uploaded to unstable.
  • I’ve made a couple of updates to the hamradio-maintguide and released version 0.2 of that documentation. This was simple changes for secure URIs for the Vcs-* fields and options for updating existing packages to new upstream versions using uscan, by tarball URL or by local tarball.


qtile is a “full-featured, hackable tiling window manager written and configured in Python”. I’ve been a big fan of tiling window managers for a few years now, starting with XMonad in 2013, moving to i3 and now I plan to move to qtile as I think its customisability and complete removal of window decorations will work well for me. I have now packaged qtile (bug # 762637), and updated one of its dependencies (xcffib), and it will appear in unstable after passing ftp-master scrutiny.

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