The Final Click

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On my desktop, I had been using a Logitech G500 mouse. This was a really nice mouse that had the perfect feature set for me but it had a problem. Single clicks would turn into double clicks and it was nearly impossible to click and drag.

Some consequences of this include tweets being unliked instantly after liking them, ordering twice as many apples as necessary from Tesco and pasting my entire Twitter timeline into an IRC buffer instead of the two lines of log file. If there’s going to be an electromechanical component of your computer go wrong, the left mouse button is not a great choice.

I set about this morning to try to fix the switch. This is apparently a known issue with these mice. Unfortunately the bit of metal that is the key part of the switch is so flimsy, I haven’t been able to improve the situation and so I’m going to have to either look at a new switch assembly or, failing that, a new mouse.

The internals of my Logitech G500

The internals of my Logitech G500

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