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I’ve taken a go at updating the theme for my blog. Previously I’d been using a theme that was a hacked up version of a theme from the Hugo themes directory. I tried to look just now for the theme I’d based it on, but can’t seem to find it.

In the new theme I’m aiming for accessibility and some machine readableness. Accessibility really comes down to making sure you’ve separated content from presentation so that it can be easily converted into other mediums automatically. For machine readableness, I’ve been exploring XFN, RDF (Dublin Core, FOAF, Open Graph) and, of course, Atom.

I’ve still got things to finish off but I feel the new theme has matured enough now to be put to use. You should also find that I no longer have any dependencies on CDNs or other externally hosted assets unless they’re specifically included for a particular post. Do let me know if you spot anything out of place. This is particularly of use for those visiting my site via the Onion services.

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