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I operated to provide a map of Debian contributors and mirrors. There were plans to add in Debian events/sprints but I just did not have the time. The service broke one day, and I didn’t find the time to fix it.

I’ve now uploaded the sources of this very simple application to GitHub and perhaps someone else will pick it up. Having given the code a go today, I’ve not managed to persuade it to load any objects onto the map.

The code in will fetch the coordinates of Debian contributors from the website and convert them to a KML file.

The code in html was the webroot, and the KML files were pushed into the data directory there to be used by the embedded OpenStreetMap.

To find a map of Debian mirrors, see:

I believe the KML file for the mirrors was based on the above link, but I do not have the code I used. To produce the KML, the same system of grabbing the list of mirrors and then using GeoIP databases could be used, instead of using the data from that site.

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