Free Software Efforts (2017W43)

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Here’s my weekly report for week 43 of 2017. This has been a quiet week.

Tor Project

In this week metrics-bot has had some issues where Onionoo was disappearing (#23928 ). I have been building in better error handling for requests to external services. I’ve also started to investigate other templates for status updates that might be useful (#23937 ), and have added a configuration framework to allow for credentials for services to be externally provided (#23933 ).


I believe it is important to be clear not only about the work I have already completed but also about the sustainability of this work into the future. I plan to include a short report on the current sustainability of my work in each weekly report.

I have not had any free software related expenses this week. The current funds I have available for equipment, travel and other free software expenses remains £60.52. I do not believe that any hardware I rely on is looking at imminent failure.

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