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I have decided to invest in a USB audio interface. My primary motivation for this is that I might like to produce some screencasts in the near future. My secondary motivation was being able to have a headphone socket on my desk to give me more freedom of movement than I would have plugged into the front of the workstation under my desk.

I went with a Behringer Xenyx 302USB and I’ve been quite happy with it so far.

The 302USB on my desk

The 302USB on my desk

I have heard that some audio interfaces have trouble with Linux as they require DSP implemented in software provided by Windows-only drivers. In the case of the 302USB, as soon as I plugged it into my Debian workstation, PulseAudio had picked up the new interface and I could use it straight away.

I have the main mix output hooked up to my amplifier and this is my default speaker output from the workstation now. The sound quality is great, plus the 2 band graphic EQ allows for me to tweak the sound for my speakers.

There are two mic inputs, although I believe you can only use one at a time. One is a 3.5mm jack next to the headphone jack and will be great for using the headset with Mumble.

The main mic input is a combination 6.25mm/XLR jack that accepts both types of jack. I had no idea such a connector existed, but it does and it means that I have three options for connector for attaching microphones. The main jack also provides phantom power.

For the price (£48), I would definitely recommend this model to anyone thinking of getting a simple USB audio interface.

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