Summer School on Internet Path Transparency Measurements

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On June the 11th the Electronics Research Group hosted the MAMI Summer School on Internet Path Transparency Measurements in Aberdeen, Scotland. This consisted of a few hands-on workshops, with participation both on-site and remote via video conference.

The summer school started with Korian and Justin demonstrating Tracebox through a variety of topologies. The participants then worked on their own trying to uncover middleboxes and hidden topologies using a variety of tools, including tracebox and paris-traceroute.

To follow, I presented the history and development of PATHspider. I also delivered an interactive Scapy tutorial followed by teaching students how to use Scapy to create PATHspider plugins using the Evil Bit as an example. The participants ran plugins against a list of real targets and produced results.

To finish off, Brian Trammell delivered a presentation on the PTO (Path Transparency Observatory), and helped the participants upload to it the results they collected in the previous session. The participants then learned how to query the PTO in order to examine the data they just uploaded. In an interesting twist of events, the measurements found ECN manipulation by a middlebox in the eduroam network in Aberdeen - mission accomplished!

If you missed the summer school, all slides and materials can be found here.

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