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I’m writing this weekly report early this week as I won’t be around tomorrow to post it. I will be mostly offline next week as I will be at ACM SIGCOMM 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Tor Project

Lots of Onionoo and Debian packaging this week.

Onionoo Graph History Documents

On Monday, we released Onionoo 1.16.1 and deployed this to the official Onionoo instances. This fixed the issue with the serialization of Graph History documents that was breaking history graphs on Relay Search.

Onionoo Reverse DNS Lookups

On Thursday, we released Onionoo 1.17.0 which contained a fix for the missing reverse DNS names in the details documents. We didn’t deploy this though as a patch was almost ready to fix another issue that had arisen…

Onionoo AS number search broken

When we implemented support for searching for relays in any of a list of AS numbers, we broke support for searching for relays that did not have a known AS number. On Friday we released Onionoo 1.17.1 which contained a fix for this issue and deployed it to the official instances.


I also attended the UX team meeting on Tuesday and the Metrics team meeting on Thursday afternoon.


All my Debian packaging this week was related to Tor. I updated the packaging for:

Additionally, I have reviewed and sponsored an initial upload for sbws, a tool to be used by directory authorities (in the public Tor network, or in test networks) for measuring the bandwidth of Tor relays.

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