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Many activities, sports, food, and animals all have emojis present in the Unicode standard, but if you want to express amateur radio ideas in the form of an ideogram you will have difficulty.

There is the 📻 emoji which represents a broadcast radio receiver, a 🎙️emoji which represents a studio microphone, and a 📡 emoji which Emojipedia suggests could be used to represent a satellite dish used to communicate with 👽.

There are no emoji for amateur radio transcievers, amateur radio microphones or amateur radio antennas in the Unicode standard. Even the concept of a radio tower is absent from the standard, which I find odd as they make great landmarks when describing where you are in a city often being prominent above the surrounding buildings.

The local radio tower near my house can be seen from almost the whole of Aberdeen

The local radio tower near my house can be seen from almost the whole of Aberdeen

I have not looked at the process for petitioning for the inclusion of amateur radio emoji in a future Unicode update, but I would guess that showing that there’s a need for them would help. To that end, I have commissioned Dzuk to design a few emojis to get the amateur radio community standard. The emojis ze designed are available here under a CC-BY license:

Handheld Amateur Radio Transceiver Base Amateur Radio Transceiver Handheld Amateur Radio Microphone Amateur Radio Tower

(Right click → Save As)

For denizens of the Fediverse: these are already installed on the and Mastodon instances, and I think might be getting them very soon. If you’re wanting to use these on another instance you can just point your admin at this blog post so they can download them.

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