Adapa’s Last.FM plugin for WordPress

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Over the last few days, you may have noticed the “Music” link appear on my navigation bar. Music, and the pages under Music, are generated by a new plugin I’ve written to allow the inclusion of Last.FM information on WordPress pages.

I’ve used other Last.FM plugins for WordPress before, but never found one that had everything I wanted. For this reason, I’m in the process of creating the most comprehensive Last.FM plugin to ever have existed. If you have any feature requests, you can leave a comment on this post and I’ll implement it.

The documentation for the plugin, downloads, and source code are all available on the project’s trac. If you’d like to see a live demo, then you can already see one while you’re reading this. The Last.FM widget to the right is part of the plugin, and you can look at the Music page and the pages under it to see all of the shortcodes in use. The Music page uses multiple shortcodes to show the profile information, recent tracks and charts.

Update: I no longer use Wordpress to host this blog, you can still find this plugin at the Wordpress plugins website.

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