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This blog post is more than two years old. It is preserved here in the hope that it is useful to someone, but please be aware that links may be broken and that opinions expressed here may not reflect my current views. If this is a technical article, it may no longer reflect current best practice.

So, I’ve been working on the Last.FM plugin, which got slightly out of hand when I tried to add a new post type to WordPress for music reviews and then integrate it with Last.FM. It might be an interesting project to work on, but not at the moment. I have too much else going on including SpaceBarPlus stuff.

I’m going to focus my time for the next few weeks on:

  • Adding features to the Last.FM plugin
  • Creating a new plugin similar to the Last.FM one for Steam
  • Forking the Blocks2 theme to integrate more social links

As part of the social links, I’ve now joined Technorati. I used to use it ages ago, and when I last used it I remember there being less advertising, but hopefully it’s still a useful tool. In order to claim my blog on Technorati, I’ll need my claim code: G3NX5XU77CXG

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