Day 2 - Tuesday

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Tuesday is my busiest timetabled day. The first lecture is at 10am, for Distributed Systems. The topic of the lecture was network security. This is an area I am interested in and have done a lot of reading about before the lecture but there were still new concepts being introduced and others that I didn’t understand fully being better explained.

Directly after this was another lecture, this time for CS3518. This lecture continued on yesterday’s lecture talking about Computability and Complexity.

Following these lectures, I had a one hour break. At 1pm, after the break, I would be mentoring first year students with some colleagues, so we met up and went over what we needed to be covering. Sometimes we’d also use this opportunity to get lunch, although we weren’t all that hungry and decided to skip it.

When arriving at the mentoring room, we saw a large number of students had arrived for the session. Typically the number of students turning up would not be that many as it was not compulsory for them, but this week they had a programming exercise to be completed as a group due on Friday.

During the session we gave some pointers on some common programming tasks and helped the students decipher some error messages they were receiving, but generally they were able to get on with the work themselves only occasionally asking for help.

After mentoring, there is a one hour break before the first practical of the week, for Languages and Computability. There is, however, another practical running in the two-hour slot before the one I’m signed up for for the same course and no real difference between the two slots so we head to the practical and start it either an hour late or an hour early depending on how you look at it.

The first year students are not the only students that have an assessment due on Friday, I do as well. Once I had completed the practical, I got to work on the assessment in the practical room. The aim for the assessment was to create a multi-user dungeon game that would run across two or more computers with all the computers communicating with each other.

After about two hours work, I called it a day and headed home.

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