Debian Med Sprint 2014

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Last weekend, I attended the Debian Med Sprint for 2014 in Stonehaven, Aberdeen. The event was essentially an unconference hackathon with a few untalks.

On the Saturday, I participated in Andreas‘ live packaging session where we packaged seqtk and dnaclust. I found the documentation for dnaclust and produced a man page for inclusion in the package.

With my new Debian packaging knowledge, I packaged a personal project python-fitbitscraper as python3-fitbitscraper in Debian. This effort ran to the end of the sprint.

Luca gave a talk on a peer-to-peer database he has developed and I noticed it has a similar source structure to the python-fitbitscraper package. I have agreed to work with him on the documentation and produce Debian packages once the documentation is complete.

On the Sunday, I gave a short demo of an example application using personal health data from FitBit. Here is a screenshot of the application in action and some photos I took of the sprint activity:

This was my first sprint and my first face-to-face interaction with Debian and it was very enjoyable. Thanks to everyone involved.

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