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When I’m travelling, I take the opportunity to catch up on podcasts. I always enjoy discovering a new podcast that is interesting for me, so I thought I’d share the current set of podcasts I’m subscribing to:

  • Security Now - Probably my longest running subscription, but I don’t listen to every episode (they’re 2 hours long which is quite an investment to make). Covers a wide range of security related topics.
  • Off The Hook - This is a recent addition to my podcast listening, from the 2600 people, and covers topics including hacking, phone systems, Internet protocols and security.
  • Intercepted - A newish podcast covering political events with a slant towards human rights issues.
  • Pod Save The World - Again, another political podcast.
  • DJ Cotts - The Aussie Hardcore Podcast - Music for working.
  • Keeping The Rave Alive - More music for working.

Maybe you’ll enjoy discovering some of these too. If you know of a podcast you think I’d enjoy, you can send me an email or tweet.

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