Tor Metrics Team Meeting in Berlin

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We had a meeting of the Metrics Team in Berlin yesterday to organise a roadmap for the next 12 months. This roadmap isn’t yet finalised as it will now be taken to the main Tor developers meeting in Montreal where perhaps there are things we thought were needed but aren’t, or things that we had forgotten. Still we have a pretty good draft and we were all quite happy with it.

We have updated tickets in the Metrics component on the Tor trac to include either “metrics-2017” or “metrics-2018” in the keywords field to identify tickets that we expect to be able to resolve either by the end of this year or by the end of next year (again, not yet finalised but should give a good idea). In some cases this may mean closing the ticket without fixing it, but only if we believe that either the ticket is out of scope for the metrics team or that it’s an old ticket and no one else has had the same issue since.

Having an in-person meeting has allowed us to have easy discussion around some of the more complex tickets that have been sitting around. In many cases these are tickets where we need input from other teams, or perhaps even just reassigning the ticket to another team, but without a clear plan we couldn’t do this.

My work for the remainder of the year will be primarily on Atlas where we have a clear plan for integrating with the Tor Metrics website, and may include some other small things relating to the website.

I will also be triaging the current Compass tickets as we look to shut down compass and integrate the functionality into Atlas. Compass specific tickets will be closed but some tickets relating to desirable functionality may be moved to Atlas with the fix implemented there instead.

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