Free Software Efforts (2018W28)

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Last week was my second week working full time in the Metrics team at Tor Project.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Tor Project

Relay Search Fixes

A few fixes for Relay Search. These were all small fixes but hopefully should also be quite high impact for usability.

Onionoo Enhancements

The improvements to Onionoo’s reverse DNS resolver have now been finalised and merged. The plan is that this will be deployed next week.

I have added support to Onionoo to filter relays by operating system. This was the oldest open Onionoo ticket until it was fixed.

I have added support to Onionoo to search for relays that do not have known countries or autonomous system numbers.

New Bridge Authority

The old bridge authority has been retired, and a new bridge authority set up: Serge. I produced a tiny patch for CollecTor to allow it to recognise this new bridge authority and reviewed the pre-release tarball for CollecTor 1.7.0. This is now released and deployed.


I’ve been improving the JavaDoc coverage, and have also increased the maximum length of tweets to match Twitter’s new 280 charachter limit (some autonomous systems have long names).


I reviewed patches for metrics-lib, CollecTor and Onionoo.


I also attended the Metrics team meeting on Thursday.


Since my last weekly update, I have uploaded new Debian packages for:


I reviewed and merged improvements to the installation instructions for hellfire. I also reviewed and merged a rate limiter for hellfire, and made it configurable via a command-line option.

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