Free Software Efforts (2018W29)

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Last week was my third week working full time in the Metrics team at Tor Project.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Tor Project

metrics-bot JavaDoc

In order to ensure metrics-bot remains maintainable, I have now increased the JavaDoc coverage for metrics-bot to 100% of the non-trivial public interfaces.

Onionoo Release

On Monday 16th, the Metrics Team released Onionoo 1.15.0 which implements Onionoo protocol version 6.1 (a minor bump from the previous release).

Reading Code

I’ve been reading through the metrics-web codebase to better understand how the different parts fit together.

OONI Vanilla Tor data

I’ve been working on including OONI’s vanilla Tor reachability data in Tor Metrics, and have a good idea of how to implement this now but haven’t yet implemented anything.


I also attended the UX team meeting on Tuesday and the Metrics team meeting on Thursday.


Since my last weekly update, I have reviewed and uploaded a new package for python-pypcap , which was updated by Hiro.

Community and Events

I remotely participated in the Applied Networking Research Workshop on Monday and attended the 57North Hacklab open day on Tuesday.

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