Free Software Efforts (2018W30)

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Last week was my fourth week working full time in the Metrics team at Tor Project.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Tor Project

This week has been more reviews than writing code.

OONI Vanilla Tor Data

The plan for implementation of this has now been solidified following discussion at the Metrics team meeting.

vanguards Packaging for Debian

I have begun working on packaging vanguards for Debian, including looking at issues in its dependencies in Debian.

Reviews and Bug Triage

I reviewed a number of Onionoo tickets and made a triage pass over new Relay Search tickets.


I also attended the Metrics team meeting on Thursday.


Most of my Debian activities this week have been related to the packaging of vanguards as mentioned above.

Community and Events

I hosted the monthly Cryptonoise event at 57North Hacklab which had taken a break, but should now return as a regular event. Unfortunately I should be at EMF for the next scheduled date, so either I need to find someone to cover or the next event will have to be a virtual one.

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