Free Software Efforts (2018W31)

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Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Tor Project

This week has been more reviews than writing code.

Onionoo history periods change

To simplify the Onionoo codebase and remove redundant data from the documents, the 3-month graphs will now become 6-month graphs and the 1-month graphs will be dropped. I have been reviewing changes for this in Onionoo and ensuring that Relay Search is prepared for the changes.

Tor Metrics News via Twitter

I’ve been exploring syndicating the Tor Metrics news feed via Twitter using Huginn. It’s not ready for use yet but it’s not far off either.

New icons

I need to extend the icons used by Relay Search (also part of the styleguide) to add new icons for “Experimental” and “Obsolete” relays. I’ve had a first run at this and will be refining the ideas next week.


I reviewed changes to the statistics CSV files that are made available through Tor Metrics. There are some big changes coming up, see #25383 for details.


I also attended a catch up meeting with Open Rights Group to discuss local activities on Thursday morning, and the Metrics team meeting on Thursday afternoon.


Most of my Debian activities this week have been related to the packaging of vanguards. I uploaded a NMU for python-stem to fix some PyPy compatibility issues.

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